Getting to Wave Rock...

Wave Rock and the nearby small town of Hyden are situated in the South West of Western Australia, under four hours drive by road from Perth or one hour by air. There is a twice weekly public bus service, regular tourist coaches and a steady stream of self drive visitors on the sealed surface roads. 

Leaving Perth eastward along the Great Eastern Highway, you drive up Greenmount Hill in the Darling Range. This is the oldest plateau on earth: a huge slab of granite, once a part of ancient Gondawana, sitting in the sun, wind and rain for more than a thousand million years. It has eroded down into the soils of the valleys, and the chains of lakes, and the granite outcrops, like Hyden Rock have been exposed.

On the journey from Perth to Hyden, be sure to notice the change in vegetation as the rainfall declines. From the fossil temperate rainforest strip of Grey Jarrah along the plateau edge, to the ghostly York Gums inland, to shiny Salmon Gums and stumpy Mallee near Corrigin, then the rolling, low sand plain heath near Hyden and beyond.

Travelling by Road

FROM PERTH'S NORTHERN SUBURBS: Approx a 3 1/2 hour drive through the Jarrah Forest of the Darling Ranges to historic York, across the grazing farmlands and lake chains to Quairading, Corrigin, Kondinin and to Hyden.

FROM PERTH'S SOUTHERN SUBURBS: Approx a 3 1/4 hours drive starting along Albany highway through the beginning of the Wheatbelt via Brookton, Corrigin, Kondinin and to Hyden.

Both routes then travel through Corrigin, the famous Dog-in-a-Ute town - call in at the Dog Cemetery west of Corrigin on the Brookton Hwy, then to Wave Rock, three kms east of the wheat/sheep farming town of Hyden.

Please drive carefully. Especially watch out for kangaroo and emu road hazards at dusk and dawn. There are many kangaroos which have jumped in front of cars. If this happens control your braking IN A STRAIGHT LINE ON THE ROAD SURFACE. If you do this and hit a "roo" your car might be dented but you'll be alive. NO MATTER HOW BIG OR CUTE THE "ROO" IS, DO NOT SWERVE at speed. Once your car is swerving on the gravel edge at speed, it is likely you will lose control. Better a live visitor than a live "roo".  The open road speed limit is 110 km per hour. Slow down to the usual 50 km per hour limit in most of the country towns you pass through.

There is a modern shopping centre with a supermarket at Hyden however it is recommended you prepare your journey to Wave Rock:

  • Drinks (caffeine is good for drivers)
  • Water in your windscreen fluid reservoir, with a drop of detergent.
  • Clean windscreen (it's better traveling east from 10.00am and west from sunrise.)
  • Sunglasses, camera, binoculars
  • Torch
  • First Aid kit
  • Limited cash ($50 should do for emergency)
  • Charged mobile phone batteries.
  • Digital mobile phone (Telstra 3G or Next G)
  • Tyre inflation pressure
  • Fuel (there are roadhouses in every town, but are open limited hours)
  • Radiator water
  • Lubricants.

Stop at least every two hours for a break.  Free coffee for the driver is provided at many "driver reviver" fuel stations along the way.

For emergency services dial 000


Wave Rock Hotel/Motel

2 Lynch St, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5052
Fax: +61 8 9880 5041
[email protected][email protected]

Wave Rock Caravan Park

1 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5022
Fax: 08 9880 5018
Email: [email protected]

Road Conditions

All roads to Hyden have
sealed surfaces

For daily road conditions check the
Shire of Kondinin website, or call

+61 8 9880 5052
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